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Science Center

2nd place - Calzoni Architetti + UNO-A architetti associati + BEMaa + B22, with Maria Teresa D'Agostino (landscape), Francesco Iorio (structures) e Faletti Zenucchi (technical installations)

A compact building, which levitates (unexpectedly light) above the Gardens of the museum, characterizes the landscape with a sober, dry gesture, memory - in shapes and materials - of it's industrial past and the vicissitudes of the previous Science Center, but, at the same time, aiming forwards towards the future.

A public space with a Mediterranean and an urban character, is organized - protected from the weather and from the summer sun - below the main building, with a view to the sea while letting the ceileing and the walls manifest the tangible and intangible content of the museum.

A roof terrace, with a bar and open air seatings, privilege the view of the entire City of Science and its relationship with the land and the sea.

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