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Since its foundation in 2007, BEMaa designs using the virtual building method.

Building Information Modelling is part of our working methodology since it's early appearence, being smoothly applied and integrated to our design process, constantly updated, and based today on a solid experience. BEMaa offers, to a market probably now ready to receive this technology, a unique experience in the field of Building Information Modelling.

Building Information Modelling is a method for optimizing planning, design, construction and management of buildings through the use of specific softwares coordinated with each other. With BIM, all relevant data of a building can be collected, combined and connected digitally. The resulting virtual construction can be viewed as a three-dimensional geometric model.

We like to describe the BIM as a virtual building. BEMaa, thanks to Graphisoft software, has been building virtual buildings for over ten years. Sometimes, but not always, we also build real buildings.
The BEMaa architectural models are developed from the earliest stages of design and are updated and in their Level Of Detail throughout the whole design process.

Through its accurate virtual models, BEMaa is able to host and coordinate specialized models (structures, equipment, infrastructure), and develop comprehensive models for the control and validation of projects for environmental and thermal analysis, for the evaluation of costs and possible variants, for the construction and for the facility management of built buildings.

The IFC, Industry Foundation Classes, is a particular data format that has the purpose to allow the interchange of an information model without loss or distortion of data or information. It's an open file format, neutral, not controlled by individual software vendors, created to facilitate interoperability between different operators. The IFC has been designed to process all the information of the building, through it's entire life cycle, from feasibility to construction and maintenance, through the various design and planning stages. The BEMaa BIM models are conceived, since their very beginning, in order to be exported to IFC format without difficulty and without loss of information.

OPEN BIM refers to a universal approach to collaboration in design, construction and management of buildings according to standards and open procedures. OPEN BIM is an initiative made by many software vendors based on open format buildingSMART Data Model. Adhering to OPEN BIM procedures, BEMaa ensures open collaboration workflows in order to achieve better coordinated projects.

Through the IFC format, it's possible to submit models to complex verification processes oriented to Quality Assurance. Through special softwares, BEMaa can indeed automatically analyze the quality of BIM models (clash detection) and their compliance with specific regulations, including the new UNI 11337: 2017 through the BIM.


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