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Lizieres Château

Renovation of a castle, Epaux-Bézu, France 2010

The interior of the castle required a complete renovation due to its state of degradation caused in part by the many actions undertaken in the past 50 years which completely changed its original nature and aesthetics. The project then started with an entire re-organization of the space, which needed to be rethought completely, both in it’s uses and materials.

The interior design is characterized by the need to solve different problems and needs. The first objective involved the use of the space: it was necessary to host multiple functions in the same building with different levels of privacy. The spaces also had to be sufficiently flexible to be able to develop activities and events of different nature.

TThree are the main uses of the castle: activities, which range from music to art to physical activities, temporary residence for artists and teachers and permanent private residence.

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