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Lizieres N

Epaux-Bézu, France, 2010 - Project for a multipurpose building

Lizieres N2 is a building that has the function to welcome and introduce the world of Lizeres to passing tourists, the curious or the inhabitant of the area. A sequence of spaces adaptable and flexible are displayed in sequence and on different levels. A documentation center fixes the memory of activities done in Lizieres of people who worked there or simply left a trace. It's another creative space that adds to the existing center. The N2 building is the link between the outside world and Lizieres. No space is properly defined, nor in it's use nor in the organization of space. The activities presented and represented will choose their own space and shape them. N2 is built on two floors with an intermediate level of connection, the building becomes a continuous path to discover the world Lizieres more and more in detail as one goes through. The walkways are marked by points of view and openings the gradually let one see what is happening inside the property.

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Bruno Egger Mazzoleni
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